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Better Late Than Never – My Nokia N8 Review


This is a review of Nokia N8. Got it from WOM/World Nokia for a three-week-trial on January. Adorable pictures coming up…

NOTE: I’m sorry about the delay. This review is six months late because I’ve been very busy and tired with school and haven’t had time to write. I started this review back in January and I finished it now on June. Some things may have been updated and improved on N8. I may have forgotten some important points too. But better late than never right?

N8 – Design

N8 has a simple design: it is a big, one peace touchscreen device with few buttons. At first I doubted that it would be very slippery to hold. Thankfully I realized that it actually fitted my hand pretty well and there had been only few times when it has almost flown off my hand. Although I doubt that others with different shape of hands might have trouble with that. I have held iPhone 3 (which surface is very smooth and slippery) before and compared to it N8 is much more comfy to hold.

In the front of the device N8 has a Menu key. The position of the menu key is a bit uncomfortable, because it is so down on the device. Holding the device with one hand and trying to reach the menu button with your thumb might cause you a dangerous situation (my thumb is kind of short though). When I want to press the Menu button I have to hold the device with other hand and press it with another. The screen is a finger print and dirt magnet.

Camera, Lock and Volume keys

On the right side of the device there are Camera, lock and volume keys. Care has to be taken when using the dedicated camera button because pressing it to hard may cause the phone to shake and make the camera loose focus. Locking the device is fast and the surface of the button is a bit rough so it was easy to slide. No complains about volume keys. The volume rocker can be used while screen is locked unlike on E72 and N97 Mini.

Micro SD, SIM and USB

On the left side there are Micro SD memory card (up to 48 GB) and SIM card slots. Adding SIM card is much easier on N8 since you don’t have to open the device and add it under the battery.

Power Key, HDMI and 3,5 mm AV connector

2 mm Charging connector

On the back N8 has a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics. As you can see you can’t easily remove the cover to see the battery. N8 is a first Nokia phone which you can’t replace battery on your own. N8 has a BL-4D 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery. Battery was not particularly great. It lasted as long as it lasts in a normal smart phone. The device didn’t heat up though during charging and the battery did last longer than on both E72 and N97 Mini.

N8 – Usage

The operating system on N8 is Symbian ^3. Touch screen of the N8 is much much better than in N97 Mini. It was smooth and usable. Getting used to the touch screen took much longer than I thought. I love hardware keyboards so that can be reason why I never really got used to typing with touch screen. Even after three weeks I was slow with text messages and it frustrated me. I didn’t even tweet as much as I did with other phones. This is my personal view. I believe people who have fast fingers and have handled touch devices before can find N8’s screen easy to handle.

Touch screen of the phone can turn 180 degrees and sometimes it was very slow to turn.


Qwerty on N8

Text message conversation

I love the conversation view you can have on N8. This is a feature I miss. I have E72 and I wish I could have this on it too.


You can’t search music from the library but sliding the list is cool and easy. No complains about the music player.

Browsing And Connection

The browser on N8 is pretty good and viewing sites is easy on the big screen. At home on wifi worked fine. But at school browser refused to work and the connection failed. I tried it around the building and nothing helped. My friend was using the wifi on her phone (Nokia 5630 XpressMusic) also and hers worked fine.

My site on N8 browser

Trying to log in Wireless

Login failed


I used Gravity and Nimbuzz. Chatting with N8 is not fluent because A. You can’t see incoming messages while you’re trying to type because the keyboard fills the whole screen. B. Because if you’re slow to type you’re always behind in the conversation. Unfortunately Skype isn’t available for N8 (or at least it is not working well on it). Gravity was nice on N8.





Camera on N8 is 12 megapixels which is huge for a phone. However taking pictures on N8 is challenging if your hand isn’t steady. I didn’t have time to take too much pictures with the phone but I got some good and clear shots with it. I would definitely want to carry around a phone with this good quality camera. Pictures taken with N8 can sometimes be as good as photos taken with system cameras.

Original Picture

Original picture

N8 – Thoughts And Conclusion

Good old Symbian N8 is a great camera phone. Taking pictures with this phone requires some practice and steady hands. It is not a business phone but it is not a social media phone either like N97 Mini was. N8 is a nice multimedia phone with HDMI. It can play almost any video format and has a lot of memory for movies example. You can shoot HD video and send it to TV from phone via HDMI. In my opinion youtubers and everyone who enjoys shooting videos anywhere should consider this phone. Personally this phone wouldn’t work for me because it doesn’t match to my needs. I’m happy with my E72 for now. :)


N8 Arrived With Extra Headset

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Again I have a new device on my hands… N8! Plus some extra equipment: Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-905i.

So N8 is my third device from WOM/World Nokia. This time I also got some extra: Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-905i. I have used N8 for ten days now and it’s time for unpacking post. As usual I will write a review of the phone in the end of the period.

My first device was E72 which did not have a touch screen and was with qwerty keyboard. Second was N97 Mini with touch screen and qwerty. Now I have a N8 with touch screen only.

I have now two devices: N8 and the headset and in the end of the next week I decide will I write separate reviews. But here’s the unpacking in pictures:

The Package was brought by DHL 7th of January 2011

N8 and BH-905i

Nokia N8

N8 box

N8 package contained Nokia N8 mobile computer, Nokia Battery BL-4D (which, as far I have discovered, can’t be taken easily out from the N8), Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179, Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701, Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-15, Nokia Adapter Cable for HDMI CA-156, Nokia Adapter Cable for USB OTG CA-157 and a Quick Start Guide.

Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-905i

Taken with N8

Taken with N8

Taken with N8

Accessories which came with the headset (taken with N8)

BH-905i package (called Nokia Carrying Case CP-298) contained Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905, Nokia Audio Cable CA-143U with 3,5mm Nokia AV connector (~1,2m), Nokia Extension Audio Cable CA-144U (~1,7m), Nokia AV Adapter AD-52 for 2.5 mm Nokia AV, Nokia Audio Adapter AD-63 for standard 3.5 mm jack, Nokia Adapter AD-71 for airplane, Nokia Adapter AD-70 for 6.3 mm home stereo and Nokia Travel Charger AC-5.

Taken with N8


Looking forward to the review! More Nokia posts coming up soon.


Being Social Comes With Small Packages


This is a review of Nokia N97 Mini which I got from WOM/World Nokia for a two-week trial. Take a tour to the device with pictures…

Nokia N97 Mini – Usage and Design

When I first held Nokia N97 Mini I was impressed. The device fitted my hand perfectly and it was not heavy at all. The design of it really stood out. However it took me sometime to open the keyboard mainly because of two reasons: 1. The qwerty keyboard on my LG KS360 opens from another side and 2. The keyboard does not open smoothly. After I opened the keyboard several times I had a bit of doubt that it might pop out of the device anytime if I open it too hard.

Micro USB connector and Lock switch

Micro USB connector and Lock switch

Capture Key and Volume up/down/Zoom In/Out Key

Well the opening part did not made me hate the keyboard itself. The position of the screen is great because it has been lifted a bit from behind. The full qwerty keyboard of N97 Mini is beautiful. It is very easy to type with and you find all the buttons easily since they are like in computer keyboard. Also holding the device keyboard open is pleasant.

Profile of the phone

At first after opening the back of the device I did not know where to put my Sim card but I figured it was in the same spot than in E72. Next step was not easy though. Button for switching off and on is a bit faulty because you don’t really know does the device start or not.

AV Connector (3,5 mm) and Power Key

Nokia N97 Mini is the first touch screen device I have ever used so the experience was new to me. I was surprised how fast I learnt to use it. After two hours I was already pretty good with it and with in couple of days I felt I had owned it two years. The screen is not the best though. I have to press objects heavy and I think the touch screen would have needed a stylus. The screen is faster to lock than in non-touch screen devises.


Side Look of the Mini

Nokia N97 Mini has a great camera thanks to Carl Zeiss lens. 5 MP camera takes sharp pictures and videos. The microphone is good too and records voice well. I prefer its camera over E72.

Original Picture Taken With N97 Mini

Original Picture Taken With N97 Mini

My internet status is HmusicK and that tells a lot about me. I love to listen music on the road and it is very important that the phone has a good music player. And Mini didn’t let me down there. I was able to change the tracks from the home page which was really nice. Though I found it annoying that after choosing a song I was not able to go back to the actual list to see which songs are next.


Watching YouTube with N97 Mini & Chatting – Applications

Menu view (no Log)

I did not like that the log was placed in applications

I did not like that the log was placed in applications

The applications tried and used were browser, Nimbuzz, Fring, Skype, Opera Mini, YouTube and Ovi (Ovi Maps too).

Browser was not as fast as in E72 but works. I tried out Opera Mini which I downloaded from Ovi. But I did not fell in love with it because I liked the default browser more even though it was slower. I found big screen and browsing great in spite of its slowness. Having a smart phone really helps when the web is needed urgently.

Dabr in a browser

For chatting I used Nimbuzz and also tried Fring. Nimbuzz was great as always. It is a great application for Symbian phones. Stable and simple. I did not have any connection problems with Nimbuzz at all. However Fring took some time to find our wifi in the house.



For tweeting I also used Nimbuzz and Dabr. Nimbuzz was faster because it is the same application I used for chat.

Twitter On Nimbuzz

I loved to watch YouTube with N97 Mini. Even though the screen is not too big and the quality is not like on pc it was nice to relax watching series and funny videos. I watched my favorite music videos without having to open my pc was just great experience.


Kelly Rowland on YouTube

Kelly Rowland on YouTube

Ovi did not work. Only application I was able to install with it was Opera Mini. Other applications I installed from web. When I opened it first time it asked me to upgrade so I did. I thought it would work after installing Opera but every other program did not install. I did not bother my day to reinstalling it since I did not need it.


Applications in Ovi

Applications in Ovi

Installation Failed

N97 Mini – Thoughts

N97 Mini’s battery was in heavy usage while I ran chat program open all night. The battery life of Mini is bad. I don’t know how old the battery of the device is but running Nimbuzz, browsing and watching YouTube ate battery life so much that I had to charge the device every night. Also heavy usage caused the device to heat up on my hand. Using WiFi really made it hot physically.

Designed in Finland

I found N97 Mini less stable than E72 which is meant for professional use. I am not sure who this phone is meant for: it is not meant for business but it is also too expensive for young people. N97 Mini is a mini device for social networking: Facebook, MySpace, CNN, Twitter etc.

Home screen

N97 Mini didn’t impress me with its skills. It impressed me with design and sexiness. It has all the external parts in shape.

I recommend Nokia N97 Mini to people who are ready to pay for a device which prize has air on it and can’t be used as a professional phone. The phone is for a person who loves to be connected all the time. Chatting with it is easy and smooth. It is a good messaging phone and does multimedia well.

Nokia N97 Mini – Last Words

I would not buy the phone because I prefer professional phones like E72. But I raise my hat to Nokia for the perfect design, good connection and great social features of Nokia N97 Mini.

Nokia N97 Mini


Round 2 With Nokia N97 Mini


Needed something to do before school starts… So I asked if I could get a phone for a review. This time I got a phone with a touch screen.

So I got my second device from WOM/World Nokia for a two-week trial on last Thursday. I got a black N97 Mini. I have used it seven days now and seven days to come. And in the end of the period I will write a review of the device.


DHL brought my package 22nd of July 2010.

N97 Mini package (looks very good)

Revealing content

The package contained the phone N97 Mini, Nokia Battery BP-4D, Nokia High-Efficiency Charger AC-10, Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101, Nokia Music Headset WH-701, User Guide and Nokia Ovi Suite.



Mini with my LG

Qwerty Keyboards

Here are the pictures of the unboxing of Nokia N97 Mini. More Nokia posts coming up!


PS. I am glad to have an opportunity to review this device. Thank you, WOM/World Nokia!

Here We Go Again: N97 Mini


So here we go again! I am going to trial my second device from WOM/World Nokia. This time the device is with touch screen…

I have never used a smart phone with a touch screen. I chose N97 Mini. It is very expensive but amazing looking device with full qwerty keyboard and Comes with music. N97 is bigger than N97 mini but both devices look the same. I think N97 has more features than this one but Mini has it all too: WLAN and music player. 8 GB internal memory is big! With 5 mega pixel camera I can take great pictures again.

And after all I wait an amazing experience with touch screen device and hopefully fall in love with it!

Which Site Changed My Life?


What are the sites I visit the most? Which sites are my favorites? Whose blog inspires me? Who has same kind of thoughts than me? My Favorite places on the web.



Twitter is part of my everyday life and it starts and ends my day. I joined Twitter last summer and tweeting is the best way to know what is happening right now. On Twitter you can reach more people and you can use it for marketing. I haven’t started making money with it (probably never will) but I do post every blog post there to make more people see my work.


Everybody knows Google. Nowadays if somebody asks me how can I contact you I reply “Google me, I am HmusicK”. I am using Google Chrome which I really love. I have to just start to type the site’s name and it would give me suggestions or direct me to search. You can have a virus by just clicking a link on Google but if it comes it is because you have a bad security system. Google is the only search I use. If Google doesn’t find it, it is not existing.

I don’t have a perfect English yet but I am coming. When I don’t know the word I would check it from (sanakirja=dictionary). I learn every time something new when I find a new word or want to translate something from Finnish to English. All I have to do is type the name and it would recognize the language automatically almost every time.


The platform of my blogs is WordPress. What I love about WordPress is that you can manage everything with it and it is open source. You can download it and use it as a platform to your own hosted blog. I love how I can see all my stats and edit everything. Because I blog a lot I use this tool the most. WordPress is made for me unlike Blogger or Tumblr. changed my life. It changed my whole internet presence. I invented my internet name HmusicK when I joined it. And what follows next is history. I got online friends and met the greatest persons on earth. I started to blog and found my passion. This music site is one of the best sites ever invented. Meeting new people and sharing your music is awesome. Thank you,, for changing my life.


I use this video site called Vodpod to collect music videos and I blog them. You can get a great embed code and the code works. That is one of WordPress’ minus. You can only embed YouTube and Google Videos with it easily. Others don’t work. So this site is one of my tools.

I created an account to YouTube so I can comment and rate videos which I like. I can also subscribe channels and stay more updated.


H-K’s Blog, HmusicK, RmusicB, Photostream by HmusicK and HmusicK’s Thoughts
My blogs are my favorite places on web. I write posts, edit them and make them look just the way I like them. Although I have too many but since I don’t have own hosted blog yet I will keep these. I have been able to update them all and managing five blogs is easy because I have them all in one place.

epicSense is a music blog and the best way to know what is happening in music world. I admire the design of the page. Really love the banner and clear content. There are music news and unreleased tracks.

World Star Hip Hop

WSHH is a video site. The design of the page is not the best but I can see videos which for example are not available on YouTube. WSHH has a lot of disturbing videos but when you look for the right thing you can find great music videos. I love to post videos and for example On Smash site new videos would be deleted next day which is not good.

Urban Roots is a music site and also the best for new discoveries. I spotted for example Jason Ray from there. He sang an amazing Drake Cover. They post new talents out. The design is nice but not that finished.


Sound-Savvy is a community for the true fans of real music. It has album reviews, news and videos. I love the design and banner. The site has very cool album reviews which made me laugh and they are rewarded with Platinum headphones which is a genius idea. Very clear content and a lot of interesting stuff.


MY COOL is a Finnish music blog and brings some change since all the sites have been foreign. I follow a lot music sites and I am very aware what is happening there. This blog is an ordinary WordPress blog but as I have said it is the best platform. Finnish Ville Seinä posts also pictures and news.


UrbanGifted is also a music blog. This site has great design and funny descriptions. Music videos and tracks. And the platform is an awesome WordPress.

My Writing

My Writing is 9jaboyb‘s personal blog. My friend Adeolu writes about his experiences and thoughts. His posts impressed me when I first time landed on the page. He is an amazing writer and he speaks from heart. Those posts are like from my mouth. Good job! 1st post I loved was You are Loved, If You Only Knew.

::Seye Blogs::

I respect Seye a lot. He is a very talented person. He can sing and write. His poems touch many hearts out there. Seye Blogs is his personal blog. Those poems are very inspiring and visiting his blog give me a lot of ideas.



Aamulehti is a newspaper in Tampere, Finland. I follow news from there and I rarely visit foreign news channel for example BBC or CNN. Sometimes more but usually it is enough for me to just follow Finnish news. I hate bad news and international news are always so negative. Aamulehti site always contains also local news.


Iltalehti is a Finnish gossip newspaper. Sometimes it is nice to check up some gossip news to stay updated.

Days And Nights With…


As those of you who have followed my tweets and blog may know that I got E72 for two weeks from WOMWorld/Nokia. A friend of mine volunteered to interview me about my experience with the E72.

Hi Miss HmusicK! How are you doing? And how is the E72?

Thanks I am doing great. Me and E72 have been getting to know each others nearly two weeks now and I have learned already a lot about it.

First of all, why E72?

I was looking for a Finnish phone with qwerty keyboard, WLAN, chat and music player. Actually the first device I wanted was E71 when I saw it at the store but they had released new version of it. And fortunately I was asked to do a review of a Nokia phone and I chose to go with the E72. Nokia E72 is a business phone. I have always loved professional phones. E72 is my first smart phone I have used so compared to LG KS360 it is a whole new level device. I also love big phones and the design of it looked really cool.

Cool! So what was your first impression of the phone when you first opened the box?

I was very excited and as I opened the box it was exactly the color I wanted. I grapped it in my hand and didn’t let go ever since. Haha. It fitted my hand perfectly and the design was very simple and sleek. I had always wanted everyone to see my phone… And now it was as big as I wanted. I was a bit afraid because of the tiny buttons but turned out that they were good size.

How did the E72 affect your everyday life?

E72 changed my life a lot. I was able to be connected much more than before and was able to use network also outside home. I didn’t walk anywhere without it and I even slept with it. It made me understand why people are so excited about phones. I started to also take a lot more pictures and I got to know applications available to Symbian phones. It also made me hate my LG a bit because smart phones are like small computers. I would gladly take it as a pair with my LG.

Tell us a little about features, what did you like and what did you not? The specifications of E72 is covered with details here.

I shared the qualities to seven different categories.


Size: 114 x 58 x 10mm

E72 has a great design and particularly I love it’s metal parts. They make the phone look strong and smooth. E72 is good size for me and it fits my hand very well. It is not slippery at all. The phone is big and might not fit for everyone if you don’t like big size phones. But I personally love it.

The first thing I noticed about the keyboard was optical navigation pad. I don’t need to press to slide and browsing is fast with it. I love it because it makes moving around smooth. The phone has a full size qwerty keyboard and shortcut keys for menu, calendar, contacts and email. I actually was a bit afraid of how my fingers would fit to the small keys but turned out that I had nothing to worry about. I was able to type fast with it already second day.

Simple Home Screen


The phone memory is 250 MB and E72 package contains 4GB Micro SD card (you can have up to 16 GB). No problems with memory. Battery life depended on how much I used it. I was connected all the time, browsed web a lot and listened music  player so I had to charge E72 almost daily. Though after all I was pretty happy with the battery life since I used it basically 24/7. And it was always on.


E72 has everything what it is required on a smart phone nowadays. Music player (supports AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, AMR-NB and WMA) two cameras, Radio and voice recorder. All the usual stuff. It has 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus and flash and VGA camera on the front for video calls. The quality of the camera is good but not as good as normal camera. Music player was great because you were able to have songs organized either with artist, album, all songs and so on (also own playlists). Radio worked flawlessly.

Untouched picture taken with E72


E72 has a wireless connection, email features, bluetooth, USB and GPS. Browsing was fast and smooth with WLAN even though it ate battery a lot. I enjoyed having an email on my phone and writing an email with it. GPS worked well and my dad actually said that we wouldn’t maybe even need separate GPS since I have E72… However the thing I loved the most is the chatting capability of the phone. Which allowed me to connect to my friends via IM. I was able to be connected almost everywhere and have more time online. It also allowed me to use the memory card as a mass storage when I connect it to my PC. This comes handle as it allows me to easily transfer files to my phone from my PC other way round.

I changed the messaging language to German to get ä and ö to text messages. There was no Finnish available.

Dabr was my favorite web site and twitter client

USB cable was short so I used some creativity


From what I read the phone runs on Symbian S60 but I am not really an expert on smartphone OS since this is my first smartphone I have tried. From a user point of view, what hikes me the most about the phone is the endless menus and settings. Finding the right settings required hours of searching and wondering if I am ever going to get to know the phone. In the end I got fine with it but it took some effort and asking around. Also the name of the tools were changed to control panel which bothered me.


One thing I also noticed was that applications left themselves running and I spent a lot time closing them. (Normal with smart phones?)

I was also a bit frustrated with the slow startup of the device I had to press the power button for like 5 secs before the screen lights up. Even then it took some time before I got a a chance to enter my pin.

Volume buttons on the side

USB and Micro SD card place


I used the headphones for 30 minutes and wasn’t really impressed and changed to my own ones. I hated the shape of the wire and ear pieces didn’t fit to my ears plus they looked pretty bad. The good thing is that E72 has 3,5 mm audio connector. The pouch was not so good either. The phone almost slipped from my hand when I was trying to take it out from it.


I installed different applications for Symbian and smart phones. I tried Chat (Nokia), Fring, Gravity, Snaptu, Skype, Mobbler and Nimbuzz. The best chat client is definitely Nimbuzz and scrobbler Mobbler worked well.



I would like you to answer these questions with one sentence:

1. What was your most awesome moment with the device?

Chatting with an important person middle of the night.

2. What was your most frustrating moment with the device?

My most frustrating moment with the phone was find the right settings from millions of menu views.

3. If there is anything you would like to add to the device, what is it?

I would add an x button to close applications fast, faster than I am able to close them now.

4. Would you buy an own E72?

Yes, I would buy E72 because it meets my needs and I can handle the dislikes.

Thanks HmusicK for sharing your experience about the E72. Any last words?

E72 is a great smart phone with great qualities and working applications. You can even use the device as a GPS and personalize it match to your own needs. The phone is great for working, but it also changes to a great entertainment device. There is no major mistake which would turn the user away. (I would buy a smart phone in the future.)

Thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia for giving me the opportunity to review the E72. Thanks to bigbrovar for sharing some of his symbian experience with me.


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